Teachers’ training in Fier

Within “Vet through innovation” capacity building measures, on April 27 in Fier a panel of teachers from Rakip Kryeziu school met with project senior international experts, prof. Stefano Giatti and prof. Massimiliano Urbinati, from Vergani-Navarra school in Ferrara.

The focus group session, led by the project team experts, centered on crucial aspects such as strategies of students’ attraction to agriculture upper secondary school, teaching strategies and autonomous school pathways to engage students and aim at increasing enrollments.

Prof. Urbinati, Head at the Vergani-Navarra school in Ferrara, illustrated current strategies on the part of upper secondary schools in Italy to reverse a long-established trend of dominating enrollments in “Gymnasium” upper secondary school at the detriment of technical and professional education.

He described a strategy centered on laboratories at agricultural institutes involving students from lower secondary schools to help them appreciate the theoretical and practical education offered at those institutes.

Senior international expert Prof. Giatti illustrated teaching methodologies aimed at offering an effective blend of theory and practice in order to add value to a vocational and educational learning path.

Results from this session will be part of an upcoming report “map of teachers’ knowledge” that the project will prepare to accompany the introduction of the revised framework curriculum in agriculture (year 1 and 2 of agriculture framework curriculum).

A panel of teachers from Rakip Kyeziu school


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