Coherence with Albanian National Employment and Skills Strategy (NESS) ’19-’22

In the framework of an Intergovernmental project, between Italy and Albania, focusing on the assistance to the implementation of a piece of the overall VET strategy laid down by the National Employment and Skills Strategy and in particular by the Albanian Law 15/2017 (namely assistance to one of the ten planned Multifunctional Centers of
excellence – MCE- for VET provision), we propose a methodology for piloting and eventually bringing to scale the “dual approach” to technical and vocational training in the agricultural sector.

The perspective adopted with this project aims to connect three actors to guarantee a successful implementation of training and skills’ upgrading and certification strategy within the VET ecosystem:

The three-lagged strategy guarantees that a crucial factor of VET (the capacity to tune the offer of certifiedcompetences with actual market needs) is generated through a constant dialogue among VET actors which in turns guarantees adaptability and flexibility in skills’upgrading strategies.

Since the project operates at local level (the Region of Fier) and with a sectoral focus (vocational education and training in agriculture) it is of paramount importance to assume an additional “coherence framework” that helps link the NESS monitoring activities with the crucial steps of the project implementation.

The first three columns in the table below describe the four main NESS strategic priorities, the relevant outcome indicators of NESS and a few selected specific indicators[1]. The last three columns describe the focus of the “VET through innovation” project and link those needs to three implementation perspectives (the locally based, the sectoral and the overall project perspectives). This coherence framework provides a necessary guidance support to report and assess the project activities


The latest annual report on NESS can be reached here

[1] Reference to NESS priorities and indicators were extracted from Specific NESS indicators are selected on the basis of the PEMA project relevant objectives.


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