Investment in Agriculture in Albania. An analysis of IPARD II investment

Agriculture is the main source of employment in Albania with 36% of the total labour force (INSTAT, 2019). Although agriculture still represents on average close to one third of regional gross value added, there is a concentration of national value added by which the first three specialised regions account for 45% of total value. Here a glimpse of the sector.

Investment in agriculture is crucial for a finetuning with challenge of dual technical, vocational education and training (TVET). IPARD is a EU pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) instrument that supports the policy development as well as the preparation for the implementation and management of the Community’s Rural Development Policy. IPARD Investment distribution by value chain and region in Albania so far testifies of the rich diversity of the sector. In view of the third call of IPARD in Albania, we developped a dashboard highlighting investment so far accomplished with the program in Albania.

According to our analysis, the leading value chain in terms of overall investment is “fruit and vegetables” with over 22 Millions of eligible expenditure. Second is the value chain (VC) “meat” with close to 9 Million euros of expenditure and third is the “wine value chain” with 2,6 Million.

A special index of “investment diversity” by region points to a more diversified portfolio in the Regions of Tirana and Berat. However, the Region of Fier confirms to be the leading investment region in agriculture with regard to “fruits and vegetables” VC (47% ot overall value chain invetsment in Albania) and “meat” VC (32%). Durres leads the investment activity in the “wine” VC with over 2 million euros (83% of total VC investment in Albania).

Data are obtained through ARDA. Here Our report on Ipard II in Albania


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