Pema projects launched and innovative “TEACHERS’ JOB SHADOWING” SESSION IN FERRARA

Thanks to the collaboration with Istituto Vergani Navarra in Ferrara, Italy, Pema launched a week of advanced training for the teachers of the agricultural school Shkolla and professional mesme “Rakip Kryeziu” Fier .

Inbound mission was coordinated by Aeca, Pema partner.

The innovative path in “job shadowing” mode saw joint lab lessons of teachers from Vergani-Navarra with teachers from the Fier school in a series of laboratory activities
dedicated to: computer science, fruit and vegetables, wine, web-tv, microscopy and chemistry.

Teacher job shadowing is a type of on-the-job training that allows an interested teacher to follow and closely observe another teacher performing the role at a lab or practice activity. Particular attention is dedicated to how transfer knowledge to students through demonstration.

A special session was dedicated to the theme of enhancing the territory and typical products in the theoretical and practical training of agricultural students in a vision of sustainability and skills to increase the sustainability of the territory

Special sessions also included: clorophyll extraction and ultraviolet spectography (wood lamp) to assess altered status of produce (eg. olive oil); chemistry lab on alkalinity testing and how to pass technical knowledge to students via demonstration; spectography concepts fundemental also for precision digital agriculture and soil analytical purposes (eg. presence of calcium).

In view of laboratory development in Rakip Kryeziu school in Fier under investment of AICS Tirana, foreseen for the second half of 2023, Pema project confirmed a skill development model that underscores the importance of upper secondary teachers’ training and upskilling.

Below our special Teachers’ job shadowing “media channel”


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