Vocational training profiles in Fier

The future Mutifunctional Center of Excellence in the Prefecture of Fier will include the Rakip Kryeziu school of Fier and the Agro-mechanical school of Lushnje.

Currently the Rakip Kryeziu school offers upper secondary training in agronomics, veterinary, food technology and social services (here the current vet offer). The school of Lushnje offers a training in mechanics, transport vehicle services, hydraulics, electrotecnics and ICT.

Moreover in Fier there are Vocational training Centerc (VTC) that enrolled more than 1.000 students in 2018 (out of close to 15 thousand students in VTCs in Albania – source: UNDP).

Pema has started in december 2020 to map the offer of agro-VET profiles in Albania in the framework of a “trainers’ training” program open to all upper secondary schools specialising in agrofood vet profiles.

The staring point is the qualification descriptions by the National Agency for VET and Qualifications (NAVETQ) in the agricultural sector, according to AQF levels 2,3,4,5, including current “frame” qualifications (in red).

our elebaoration on data from NAVETQ

Secondly, we map the current offer of agrovet profiles in Albanian upper secondary schools. The network map below offers an illustration of how the selected schools connect with AQF agrovet profiles. Our map shows that “agiculture” and “veterinary” profile are central in the vet provision of selected schools and that the additional offer of agrovet profiles encounters a more specialised and territorial provision.

Source: our elaboration on data from INSTAT (Regional yearbook, 2019) and data from MFE

Thirdly, in order to understand critical territorial gaps, we map each prefecture according to the share of students in upper secondary education and especially in agrovet education.

According to partial results of our mapping activity, the upgrading of the MFC in Fier will require:

  • upgrading of school curricula according to AQF descriptors in the nationala frame profiles
  • strenthening of vocational education especialisation according to the needs of the region, in the framework of a general coordinated vet provision at cross-prefecture level


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