The future of agriculture in Albania: Biodiversity, value chains and technology

This international workshop was hosted by Agriculture University of Tirana and organized in collaboration with project “vet through Innovation” by Italian Cooperation, Albanian Ministry of Economy and Finance and Region Emilia-Romagna.

Please find below in this page the link to presentations and to videos of experts’ contributions

At times of unpredictable socio-economic changes and pressure on food systems, in the globalized economy, the paradigm of rural development is being re-casted into a different perspective highlighting the increasing role of new development modes for agriculture, multifunctionality of the farm model, synergies between local and regional ecosystems and localized food-chains.

Biodiversity, although endangered on a global scale, is at the heart of a diversified model of agriculture and rural development. In fact “Agrobiodiversity” includes a wealth of domestic species of animals and plant varieties that are fundamental for the sustainability of food ecosystems.

Preserving biodiversity, especially in developing economies, calls for new models of landscape management, the conservation of new nature values, agri-tourism, organic farming and the production of high quality and region-specific products.

Rural development through preservation of agrobiodiversity may include innovative forms of cost-reduction, direct marketing, and the development of new activities such as integrating care-activities into the farm. Involvement in these types of enterprise could result in new forms of social cohesion and, in many cases, a variety of activities are combined in an integrated way.

All these trends are both a challenge and an opportunity for economies still prevalently based on the agricultural sector. From the education and skills’ perspective, the challenge is one of increasing the knowledge and capacity to shift from a subsistence model to one of rural development based on valorisation of biodiversity.

Vocational education and transfer of knowledge are crucial factors. Pema project has the mission to help assist Ministry of Economy and Finances and national VET agencies in upgrading vet standards in agriculture teaching and help consolidate the first multifunctional center of agriculture vet at Rakip Kryeziu school in Fier.

The Workshop was opened by the Rector of the Agriculture University of Tirana, Prof. Fatbardh Sallaku. The introductory Institutional panel saw the presence of Vice Minister of Agriculture , Arjan Jaupllari, Vice Minister, Ministry of Agriculture, Albania, the Italian Vice Ambassador Luigi Mattirolo, Mr Saverio Frazzoli representing the Italian Agency for Cooperation in Albania.

Keynote address: some thoughts on agriculture, Emanuel Salinas, Albania country Director for the World Bank presentation (in English), video (in Italian)

Agrobiodiversity e agroturism, Prof. Shpresim Domi, UBT, presentation (Albanian), video (Italian)

Bringing value to Albanian biodiversity. The case of MAPs, Prof. Alban Ibraliu, UBT video (in Italian)

Biodiversity in Albania and development opportunities, Prof. Zef Gjeta, UBT, presentation (In Albanian), video (in Italian)

Value chains, bio-agriculture and food scenarios: a view from Europe, Gianluca Bagnara, Vice Chair of NETSOB-International Network on Soil Biodiversity, FAO, presentation (in English), video (in Italian)

The Agrifood strategy in Emilia-Romagna: the Agrifood Clust-ER, Marco Foschini, Head of the Agrifood Cluster Emilia-Romagna, presentation (in English)

The role of digital technologies in agriculture. Best practices in Emilia-Romagna. The S30 project, Luca Corelli Grappadelli, Full Professor, University of Bologna, Department of Agriculture Science and agrifood Technology, video (in English)

Workshop program

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