Olive Oil value chain: an encounter between Albanian and Italian experts and entrepreneurs

Compared to many Albanian agricultural specializations, olive oil is considered a high potential product but the production capacity of the country lags behind its full potential due to a series of cultivation and processing limits.

Whereas the olive oil trees in Albania have increased by 64% in a decade (from 2010 to 2019) and the trees in the production process represent today 80% of all olive oil tree in Albania (from 68% in 2010), the productivity measured in olives kg per tree has declined by 26% in the same period and the overall production in tons has just increased by 40%*.

From an Italian perspective, the experience in Emilia-Romagna shows that the market for locally produced extra virgin olive oil, in order to grow and consolidate, requires the development and consolidation of forms of aggregation between producers and the availability of sufficient quantities of high and uniform quality oil. Only with these assumptions can we hope to launch a rational and effective commercial strategy**.

WORKSHOP: Agriculture University of Tirana, “Pedrolo” Room, November 21, 9,30 am – 12,30
The workshop on November 21 at the Agriculture University of Tirana will brings together Italian and Albanian experts to analyse the critical points of the value chain and lay down a possible path of collaboration. The Workshop will have the scientific coordination of Prof. Shpend Shahini for the University of Tirana and Prof.ssa Tullia Gallina Toschi for the University of Bologna.

Several perspectives were offered though presentations:
The olive oil value chain in Albania: an overview , Mira Allmuca
The Italian Olive Oil value chain, Michele Librandi
The Olive Oil Value Chain in Emilia Romagna and protected designation of origin, Ermanno Rocca and Valter Marcolini
The research on olive oil and the transformation of the processing in olive oil value chain, Prof.ssa Tullia Gallina Toschi
Precision farming and the olive oil value chain, Niccolo Bartoloni
discussion with prof. Shpend Shahini, Prof. Hajri Ismaili, Prof. Fatjon Hoxha, Prof. Zef Gjeta, Mira Allmuca and the Italian delegation

This workshop was part of the special initiative “value chain days” co-hosted with the Italian Embassy in Tirana and takes place in the framework of the “Week of Italian Cuisine in the World” (14-20 November 2022).

GUIDELINES OF THE EXPERTS’ PANEL (after visit to two Olive oil mills in the Region of Fier)

RECEPTION AT ITALIAN EMBASSY (Olive oil tasting event)



*= GIZ, Olives and Olive Oil Sector Study Report, Final, 2021
**= For additional information see here: http://www.arpoemiliaromagna.it/index.php/component/content/category/184-testi



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