The “Agro teaching Hub”

Moving towards a repository of Agriculture Teachers’ Knowledge in Albania

This page is a provisional repository of training resources for Agriculture teachers in Albania. It will be moved into an advanced platform in 2023

The Agro Teaching Hub is promoted by “Vet through Innovation” Pema Project (Italian Cooperation) in collaboration with Ministry of Economy and Finances, Navetq and Agriculture University of Tirana

In 2022 Pema project accompanied the process of revision of the Albanian Framework Curriculum in agriculture VET (AQF2).

TRAINING NEEDS – SURVEY WITH UPPER SECONDARY AGRICULTURE SCHOOLS Here the results of a survey among upper secondary agriculture teachers and school directors on the training needs after the introduction of the new framework ciurriculum

Presentation of the new Framework Curriculum by NAVETQ – Tirana, September 17, Hotel Tirana International

In 2022 Pema Project has also accomplished a first phase of training for Agriculture upper secondary teachers in Albania. In this first phase 24 hours of advanced training were offered in 2022 on topics covering the new teaching modules introduced in the renewed Framework Curriculum in Agriculture level 2. The training sessions were hosted by Agriculture University of Tirana.

The teaching activity was promoted by “Vet through Innovation” project in collaboration with Ministry of Economy and Finances and NAVETQ Agency.

Topics of training included:

  • Hygiene and climatic conditions for animal breeding
  • Animal production and animal physiology
  • Concepts of animal diseases
  • Plant protection and integrated plant health management
  • Processing of food of plant and animal origin
  • Food Safety
  • Basic Technology for agriculture and advanced technology for agriculture
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Advanced Teaching methodologies

Our Instructors’ Academy

Prof. Dr. Shpend Shahini, UBT

Prof. Dritan Laci, UBT

Prof. Fatjon Hoxha, UBT

Prof. Zef Gjeta, UBT

Moltine Prebibaj, PhD candidate UBT

Dr. Agim Pepkolaj, FAO Albania

Albina Buci, NAVETQ

Quality Monitor of training. Trainees’ satisfaction survey (11 respondents). Likert scale (1=not satisfied; 5=very satisfied). Weighted average

Teaching resources – material mësimor

Please find in this section below the training materials in ALBANIAN presented in the Advanced training for upper secondary teachers held in 2022

Ju lutem gjeni në këtë seksion materialet e trajnimit në SHQIP të paraqitur në trajnimin e avancuar për mësuesit e mesëm të lartë të mbajtur në 2022

  • Advanced Teaching methodologies – Metodologji të avancuara të mësimdhënies

Our International instructors’ Academy

Pema project offers access to advanced training in agriculture VET methodologies for trainers thanks to the collaboration of two advanced training experiences in Emilia-Romagna, Italy: School Vergani-Navarra of Ferrara and School Garibaldi-Da Vinci in Cesena.

In 2022 four training missions were carried out targeting agriculture teachers from Rakip Kryeziu school in Fier and all directors and Development unit staff from all Agriculture schools in Albania.

Our International Academy:

  • Prof. Massimiliano Urbinati, Director Istituto Vergani-Navarra, Ferrara
  • Prof. Stefano Giatti, Istituto Vergani-Navarra, Ferrara
  • Prof.ssa Luciana Cino, Director, Istituto Garibaldi-Da Vinci (Cesena)
  • Prof.ssa Valentina Sallustio, Istituto Garibaldi-Da Vinci (Cesena)
  • Prof. Federico Corbara, Istituto Garibaldi-Da Vinci (Cesena)

MISSION TO FIER (April 2022 – Rakip Kryeziu teachers)

MISSION TO FERRARA (Albanian Agriculture school directors and Development unit staff)

MISSION TO CESENA (Albanian Agriculture school directors and Development unit staff)

ADVANCED CLASS ON DIGITAL AGRICULTURE (Cesena, 7 December 2022. Festival della Cultura tecnica in collaboration with Tecnopolo Forlì-Cesena)

MISSION TO FIER (December 2022)

MISSION TO CERRIK (December 2022)


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